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  2. 2. Hypnoseas 04:22jump to this song in playlist
  3. 3. You Deserve So Much More 05:38jump to this song in playlist
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Gus Ring always felt like an outsider. Growing up playing trumpet in orchestras, he later ended up screaming in metal and hardcorebands. From this grew Gus

unique style of fragiledarkmelancholic dreampop. His works has been compared by critics and fans to songwriters like Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice, and bands such as The Cure and Wovenhand.

While touring Europe consistently Gus has released the two full-length albums Boredomtapes (2015) and Hypnoseas(2017), creating a dreamlike space of music where he could just close his eyes and drift away. During live performances, the audience is invited to progressively go deeper and deeper within, finding their innermost sorrow and letting it go.

Early 2020 sees the release of "For Us Lonely Souls", Gus Ring's long awaited third full-length album, said to face the process of introversion, delving deep into isolation, emphasizing both positive and negative aspects of being a lonely soul, and the ways in which we somehow are driven to feel closer to each other. The album is taking Gus previous singer-songwriter outfit and putting it aside to now feature a powerful and dynamic trio, creating bigger and more cinematic soundscapes than ever before.


  • “Dream-Pop für blutende Herzen und leidende Seelen – das sind die Zutaten, die uns GUS RING bietet, wenn wir in seinen „Hypnoseas“ eintauchen.”, de
  • “Gus Ring has something else, something unique, and not even if you’d point a gun to my head would I be able to put my finger on what it is. It’s like a beautiful divine shimmer spreading across the room.”

    ,, se
  • “It doesn’t become generic for a second, and it’s to say the least, very original.”, se
  • “Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?” has this gothic shroud cloaked over it... with a chorus that sits, like a black raven, on your shoulder. And never leaves.”, gb

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