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Ein einziges Wort: "Exploration". Ein Albumtitel, reduziert auf das Wesentliche. Und doch beschreibt dieses Wort nicht nur vollumfänglich, was CB3 auf ihrem neuen

Album tun, es steht auch sinnbildlich für den gesamten Werdegang dieser Band.

Ursprünglich als Jazzrock-Combo gegründet, haben CB3 bereits mit ihrem Album From Nothing To Eternity ausgelotet, wie viel Doom und Heavy Psychedelic Rock man dem Jazz hinzufügen kann, um gerade noch der Genrebezeichnung gerecht zu werden.

Schon der Nachfolger, AEONS, legt jedoch den verbliebenen Rest an Rücksichtnahme auf derartigen Grenzen ab und richtet den Blick der Band auf den Raum der unendlichen musikalischen Möglichkeiten. Der härtere und 'space-ige' Sound des Albums lässt unweigerlich an eine Raumfähre denken, die mit enormer Schubkraft die limitierende Anziehungskraft der Erde überwindet.

Exploration ist nun der logische nächste (Zwischen-)Schritt auf CB3s Reise. Die zielgerichtete Wucht des Vorgängers ist einer raumgreifenden gewichen, schwerelos und dennoch tonnenschwer. Über allem schebt erstmals der sanfte Gesang von Frontfrau Charlotta, der dem Klangbild der Band eine weitere Facette hinzufügt, es sich in alle Richtungen ausbreiten lässt. Expansion ist Exploration.


In der Vergangenheit haben CB3 bereits als Support für namenhafte Bands wie Kikagaku Moyo, Kaleidobolt, Monolord, Spaceslug und Hällas gespielt. Nach der Pandemie-bedingten Konzertpause - inklusive abgesagter Tour durch Spanien, Frankreich und Portugal - laufen nun endlich die Planungen für eine Europa-Tour im Herbst 2023.


  • “What Exploration makes even truer, though, is that it has become harder to predict where CB3 might go next. If one takes their progression album by album, [...] they’d be believable as three separate bands despite just one lineup change [...], and while one certainly wouldn’t mind if they followed this path forward through blending open jams and structured craft with the consistent aura of live performance as they do here, perhaps toying with the balance of one to the other as they seem to in formative fashion between the likes of “Going to the Horizon” and “In a Rainbow with Friends,” they give no indication that their whims won’t take them someplace else entirely next time. As much as the resonance of “To Space and Away,” “Daydreams” and “Through Space and Time” seems to ooze itself like so much nebular gas, CB3 are all the more exciting for wondering what might still follow. If this is them exploring — and clearly it is — then may they continue to explore.”

    theobelisk.net, us
  • “Mögen Hawkwind und Pink Floyd als Fixpunkte dienen, spielt das Trio mehr als Space und Progressive Rock. Das psychedelische Ambiente mag einen gewissen Retro-Touch mit sich bringen, aber stur rückwärtsgewandt agiert die Band nicht. Wie der zweieinhalb Jahre alte Vorgänger AEONS enthält auch EXPLORATION fünf Songs. Diese sind nun noch raumgreifender, drei gehen um die zehn Minuten. Doch wo schnöde Post-Rock-Bands mit den immergleichen Schemata arbeiten, verpackt Andersson ganze Sound-Welten. 8/10”

    VISIONS Magazin, de
  • “The trio from Sweden are back, partnering with the excellent Majestic Mountain Records and have delivered a masterpiece with Exploration. Charlotta Andersson is an absolute wizard on guitar, and now that combined with her much more prevalent dreamy/spacey vocals, and Hawkwind meets My Bloody Valentine meets Spotlights with a dash of early Pumpkins and just enough stoner influence makes this an absolute, next level killer release. [...] There is something otherworldly that CB3 have created here. With Exploration, CB3 have brought to us a beautiful and dynamic soundscape that must be experienced by all. 10/10”

    Musipedia of Metal, gb
  • “The evidence is clear on Exploration for CB3 as they're perhaps releasing one of the most exciting and essential Space Rock/Cosmic Rock albums of the year. Simply Unmissable.”

    Outlaws of the Sun
  • “[...] this music is colourful, textured and with deep, deep caverns of heaviness (or weightiness, more accurately) to get lost in. As well as the profound, hefty riffs, there is a healthy amount of hypnotic, motorik repetition. And so much major-chord melody to float on.”

    echoesanddust.com, gb
  • “This hugely complex album is still accessible and, despite the genre-mashing is going to satisfy most rock fans… give this a listen and prepare to be astounded and drawn into the world of CB3.”

    RAMzine, gb
  • “They craft some slow, crushing tunes with massive walls of sound that are the sonic equivalent of floating through space and realizing that it was more than you could ever have imagined.”

    Everything is Noise
  • “Lie down, turn off the lights, get yourself into a chill headspace, and go on the first leg of this musical journey. You won’t be disappointed.”

    Metal Epidemic
  • “[...] an album rife with heavy psychedelic character amid jazz-hued influences and a broad sense of atmosphere. [...] Heavy psych heads with a hankering for jammy fare will delight no doubt at what CB3 bring forth in From Nothing to Eternity‘s flowing course [...].”

    theobelisk.net, us
  • “An exploratory journey through repetitive riffs, majestic flights of guitar fancy, jazz freakout rhythm section and a strong sense of smoky dub to give it all a heady atmosphere, this is as psychedelic as it gets. The calm, meditative moments are met by oceans of rage as the music fills every corner of your mind. One moment you will be casually drifting along to some appreciative drumming, the next you are thrust into the outer rims of a storm, battered by the collision of instruments. It’s a inner thrill ride, head music for the brave, a frightening pill for the uninitiated. It’s been a strong year for deep psych and this release can stand alongside bands such as Earthling Society and The Cosmic Dead as one of the highlights.”

    echoesanddust.com, gb
  • “'From Nothing To Eternity' is a real gem of an album...an album that once again shows that Sweden is the place to be with regard to top notch psych jamming. [...] it is an album that needs to be heard and, indeed, any traveler along the psychedelic highway NEEDS this in their life. As previously alluded to, how this band are not lauded is beyond me but hopefully this release will change that and CB3 become permanent fixtures on psych's top table.”

    Dayzofpurpleandorange.blogspot.de, de
  • “This instrumental album is crammed full of virtuoso examples of musicianship may not be “easy listening,” but I promise you that it not only grows on you, it also has some of the finest examples of painting pictures with sound you are likely to hear this year.”

    RAMzine, gb
  • “[...] this is colossal, heavy and dense, a brooding behemoth flavoured in a primordial tapestry ghosted upon a snaking Eastern sent mistral, its desert dry atmospherics poised, majestic and sky fired upon a deeply alluring cinematic skin weaving out at deeply intoxicating brew of stoned out mind altering stratospheric mantras.”

    the sunday experience
  • “[...] and what has been heard is a terrific debut from a band that, apparently, has been going since 2013. As such their debut has been a long time coming, but by the same token those four years have been far from wasted. I hope that they’ve got more of this in the vault because listening to this album, although mostly improvised, provides me with a cogent and coherent sonic experience that really makes me want to hear more.”


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2021AEONS Live Session
2018Cult of the Crystals (Live EP)
2018From Nothing To Eternity
2016Live in Action!
2015Charlottas Burnin' Trio


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