(Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock / Tonzonen Records)

Founded in 2014, Kalamata performs instrumental psychedelic stoner rock and combines it with original space-rock elements out of the 70`s. Driving bass riffs and colourful guitar patterns emerge on top of a deep rolling rhythm section.
This instrumental music will guide you through the night like LSD, while you´re sitting on a wild cow`s back.

In May 2014 they released their first album via `Zygmatron Music´ on CD. Followed by a vinyl edition on `Pink Tank Records´ in 2015.

Kalamata has toured Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and the Netherlands. They shared the stage with bands like Samsara Blues Experiment, Radio Moscow, Monomyth and Mother Engine.

„[…] there is some great musicianship on this album particularly in the guitar work and tone department. What really impresses me about these guys is that they just started a year ago, which is a great sign. A band who’s sound is this fully realized, this early on, should move from being really good to exceptional.“


Date Venue City
01.09.2018 Street Mode Festival Thessaloniki (GR)
08.09.2018 20 Jahre SOA Sarstedt (GER)
22.09.2018 Vakuum Bad Bevensen (GER)


2014 – You

2017 – Disruption