Charlottas Burnin‘ Trio [CB3]


(Instrumental Psychedelic Rock, Jazz / Lazy Octopus Records & Eggs in Aspic Records)

Not too long ago a jazz trio, CB3 now turns its interest towards instrumental progressive rock infused with psychadelic vibes from the 70’s, that blends their passion for improvisation with inspiration from bands like Led Zeppelin, King Crimson & Pink Floyd.

The band’s cosmic jams, mind-bending impros and epic soundscapes have attracted audiences from jazz clubs, rock venues and psych festivals since 2013.

The 1st of November 2017 saw the release of the first single from their new album From Nothing To Eternity.
The album itself was released in January 2018 via Lazy Octopus Records and Eggs in Aspic Records.

End of May 2018, „From Nothing To Eternity“ will finally be made available on vinyl via Drone Rock Records

„’From Nothing To Eternity‘ is a real gem of an album…an album that once again shows that Sweden is the place to be with regard to top notch psych jamming. […] it is an album that needs to be heard and, indeed, any traveler along the psychedelic highway NEEDS this in their life. As previously alluded to, how this band are not lauded is beyond me but hopefully this release will change that and CB3 become permanent fixtures on psych’s top table.“

(„From Nothing To Eternity“-Review /

„[…] this is colossal, heavy and dense, a brooding behemoth flavoured in a primordial tapestry ghosted upon a snaking Eastern sent mistral, its desert dry atmospherics poised, majestic and sky fired upon a deeply alluring cinematic skin weaving out at deeply intoxicating brew of stoned out mind altering stratospheric mantras.“

(„From Nothing To Eternity“-Review / the sunday experience)

„[…] and what has been heard is a terrific debut from a band that, apparently, has been going since 2013. As such their debut has been a long time coming, but by the same token those four years have been far from wasted. I hope that they’ve got more of this in the vault because listening to this album, although mostly improvised, provides me with a cogent and coherent sonic experience that really makes me want to hear more.“

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„An exploratory journey through repetitive riffs, majestic flights of guitar fancy, jazz freakout rhythm section and a strong sense of smoky dub to give it all a heady atmosphere, this is as psychedelic as it gets. The calm, meditative moments are met by oceans of rage as the music fills every corner of your mind. One moment you will be casually drifting along to some appreciative drumming, the next you are thrust into the outer rims of a storm, battered by the collision of instruments. It’s a inner thrill ride, head music for the brave, a frightening pill for the uninitiated.
It’s been a strong year for deep psych and this release can stand alongside bands such as Earthling Society and The Cosmic Dead as one of the highlights.“

(„From Nothing To Eternity“-Review /

Date Venue City
22.11.2018 Plan B Malmö (SWE)


2017 – Adventures

2018 – From Nothing To Eternity